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"An incredibly poignant and
funny movie."

-Megan Vega,Channel 9 Fox News

  LI NEWS reports on
The Video Guys at the
Long Island International
Film Expo

EXCERPT from Karin Lipson's NYT article (7.3.09):

...“It’s the first time the Expo is opening with a film shot totally on Long Island,” Ms. Markowitz said. (She is also director of the Nassau County Film Office.) The official opening feature, “The Video Guys,” is an offbeat comedy written and directed by Dan Brennan of Port Washington, based on his own sometimes-outlandish experiences making videos at thousands of weddings, bar mitzvahs and first communions."

“It’s a real feel-good film, and you don’t necessarily get a lot of those that are well done,” Ms. Markowitz said...


  The Video Guys sweep every major award at the Long Island International Film Expo:

Best Actor- Dan Brennan
Best Supporting Actress - Sabrina Brennan
Best Feature Film - Jeanne Brennan, Producer Diana Brennan
Best Actress - Allison Lane
Best Supporting Actor - Russ Camarda



"I honestly could not stop laughing at the hilarious scenarios presented in the film, I was touched by the story which was full of heartwarming moments and is well worth checking out. I highly recommend it!"

-Clifford Kiyabu, TCW Reviews

"The Video Guys may be THE BEST INDIE ROMANTIC COMEDY of the year! If it's at a festival by you, then run there and get your tickets now...don't wait...IT'S THAT DAMN GOOD!"

-Brian Morton, Rogue Cinema







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